Meet the humans behind Confab

We believe that social media is more than just likes. We see social as the modern day word of mouth, an opportunity to spark conversations and build relationships within communities. A successful brand is one that is authentic, honest and listens as much as they post.

Founded in 2013, Confab has grown up with social media. We are constantly learning new tips n' tricks and testing the ecosystem with emerging ideas. Keeping our finger on the pulse has been key and we're thrilled to be growing in this invigorating space.

Phoebe Lebrecht

Joanna Ayre


Keeping it personal. Communicating with people not devices, let’s not forget that.


We’re constantly adapting and evolving. There are no limits or boundaries to the work we do.


The loudest isn’t always the best. We listen to our customers, our followers and each other.


We’re every sense of the word; we work smart, fast and can even change a lightbulb.