Getting people to #huddledown

Bringing a digital community together for a physical event requires a savvy social strategy and a voice that cuts through the noise. Huddle came to us ahead of launching their first mini-conference.

Creating a community of digital, tech and creative people

Ahead of their first ever mini-conference, Huddle came to us to help launch their brand on social media. The idea was to create a buzz around this new initiative within the community and ultimately sell tickets to their event.

Converting social buzz to bums on seats

We worked closely with the team to craft the right voice and strategy for Huddle. Working on a personal approach in a tight-knit community allowed us to create an on-going dialogue around Huddle and drive ticket sales through authentic conversation. The first event was closely followed by the second and we are thrilled to still be part of the ride with Huddle, helping them create a community for digital, tech, and creative peeps to share knowledge and collaborate. Watch out for upcoming events!

Alex | Co-founder, Huddle

Our biggest concern using a social media agency was that our tone of voice would be lost. From the moment they started Phoebe and Jo hit the ground running, they not only maintained our personality, they sent it into orbit. We recommend them whenever someone talks about needing social media support.